6 Reasons you’ll benefit from a social media detox

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Did you know that on average a person checks their phone 150 times a day? We can be sat at the family dinner table and rather than conversing together, our heads are slumped and our concentration is given to the filter on our latest Instagram post; falling into the false reality of the social media world in our phones. Our physical and mental wellbeing can benefit greatly from taking a break from social media or even at least cutting down the time spent on it – and here’s six reasons why:

  1. Reconnect with the real world

Social media distorts our version of reality. Through social media screens we see what others wish to portray of themselves, we won’t be introduced to the low points of other’s lives making us more conscious of displaying our own flaws therefore we subconsciously fall into the trap of constantly trying to portray a more glamorous lifestyle than we might have. The amount of digital friends and followers you have does not mirror your relationships out in the real world. This is a concept that you can see in action on the TV show The Circle, where people aren’t necessarily as they seem.

  1. Conquer your fear of missing out

Just like giving up anything you’re addicted to, you can expect to experience withdrawal symptoms due to the natural feeling of missing out which is hardwired into us. The thought of missing out on your favourite celebrity’s tweet or the most recent entertaining meme will make it difficult to stay away – but learning to and then scheduling occasional check-ups will help keep your real life relationships balanced and happy.

  1. Break the social comparison cycle

It’s inevitable to see a social media post of an old school friend reaching/overcoming a big life hurdle, like announcing their first pregnancy or showing off the keys to their new home and question why you haven’t managed to reach that point yet. By detoxing from social media you avoid the inescapable habit of basing your life expectations on those around you and avoid the severe impact it can have on your self-esteem.

  1. There’s a chance you’ll sleep better

Try to allow your body to unwind naturally by putting your phone down at least an hour or two before you physically fall to sleep. Melatonin production, the hormone that regulates the body’s sleep cycle, can be affected by the blue light our phones emit. Having a scroll through Instagram before sleep may result in you tossing and turning for a while before actually nodding off.

  1. Begin living in the moment

When you’re at a restaurant and the waiter brings out a delicious smelling plate of food, why is our first instinct to get our phones out, take a few snaps and show our followers? Instead of fully living in the moment we’ve let our food get cold for the sake of a few likes. A social media detox is necessary for us to learn how to appreciate our lives and experiences again, regain time which we would usually waste and be fully immersed in the current moment.

  1. Improve your overall mood

If you are naturally quite an anxious person or already suffer from anxiety or depression, it is definitely vital to be taking social media detoxes. The amount of time spent of social media can greatly affect your mood so it is important to recognise needing a break when it begins effecting how you feel. It may seem unnatural at first but improvements should start to be seen after a while without Facebook, Twitter and Instagram alike.


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