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Quick Ways to Find Your Peace at the Office

What’s your workday like? Do you come home, full of stress and anger? Or are you able to leave work behind and start fresh every day? If you’re like an increasing number of people today, stress from work probably follows its way home with you. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all employees say that the […]

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Is There A Business Case For Meditation?

Mindfulness and meditation is becoming more and more mainstream.  Many companies have adopted the Buddhist discipline but can an ethical philosophy coexist with corporate culture? And does it really work? It has been a strange journey from underneath a tree in India, 2500 years ago, where Gautama Buddha is said to have reached enlightenment, to […]

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Breathing deeply for stress relief

Why is breathing deeply so important for stress management? Oxygen provides energy to all parts of the body, when the flow of oxygen to the brain is completely cut off, a person will lose consciousness within 10 seconds. The rate at which we inhale and exhale is controlled by the respiratory centre within the medulla […]

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