• Your psychology affects your physiology and vice versa!

It’s crucial to bear in mind that your psychology affects your physiology and vice versa!

With the sun starting to make more of a regular appearance, it makes it much easier to get out there and get involved in some physical activity – even during the day when you’re at work!

Here’s some inspiration:

  • Cycle to work, if you can. This will energise you for the day and you even get to avoid the frustration and stress of public transport or traffic jams.


  • Get active during your lunch break – go to the gym or for a jog during your lunch hour, this has proven to increase productivity and enhance work performance. If you don’t have the right facilities or time to do this, going for a walk is just as beneficial; our Creator of Opportunities always goes off for a long walk along the Grand Union canal by our office which helps her to come back from lunch rejuvenated; though we have installed shower facilities in our new office to allow people the opportunity to run.


  • Find little pockets in your day where you can add in extra physical activity e.g. park up the hill or a short walk away from work, take the stairs instead of taking the lifts, walk around the office to speak to colleagues rather than phoning or emailing, etc.


  • Have walking meetings – rather than being sat down and cooped up in the offices, walking meetings allow for fresh air, but more importantly for some fresh ideas.


  • Exercise with a buddy during lunch hours, and then you can both encourage each other. This is also a great opportunity for team building and enhancing communication with your colleagues – win-win!


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Navina Cropped

Navina Bhamra, Marketing, PR & Events Pixie