The Stress Management Society

National Workplace Wellbeing Survey Findings

We recently sent out a survey with the aim to further our understanding of the key challenges that organisations are facing when it comes to workplace wellbeing and stress.

The responses have helped us gain invaluable insights into how stress is impacting the modern workplace.  The response suggests there are many some common themes that run through most organisations.

Of the ‘another answer’ responses, one of the main areas of concern is presenteeism.

The survey highlighted the key outcomes the respondents hope to achieve by combating, reducing and overcoming workplace stress. These included:

How could you benefit by creating a culture of wellbeing in your organisation?  Have you thought about what your organisation wellbeing strategy is?  Is it aligned to key business objectives?

If you would like any further information on this short study or to book a no-obligation consultation to discuss how you can maximise your wellbeing efforts please feel free to get in touch. Contact us on 02031428650 or info@