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STYLENEST: Calming Tips From Nelson’s Rescue

Here at StyleNest we know how tricky it is to get time to stop and have a breather. A recent survey by RESCUE confirms this, discovering during a busy day 34% of people rarely stop to take a moment to help comfort themselves and gather their thoughts. While 42% wish they were more composed during a busy day.

With the pressures of our modern, fast-paced lifestyles, people often find themselves overwhelmed and confused. Experts in calming techniques, RESCUE have Neil Shah from the Stress Management Society and Nutritionist Sally Wisbey to hand to help you feel calm and collected.

Neil Shah lets us in on his de-stress secrets…

Take time out

Taking mini breaks when you feel overwhelmed to enable you to remove yourself from the situation. Going outside for some fresh air, if possible, would be ideal as oxygen will help regain clarity and concentration.


Another way of getting blood and oxygen moving around the body and up to the brain is by practicing a simple breathing technique:

Concentrate on Head Movement

Although workloads and demands are increasing, the majority of people lead sedentary lifestyles making the blood flow sluggish.  Try above head movement such as simply raising your arms up above your head for 10 seconds to improve blood flow to the brain and in turn concentration.

What you eat and drink can also have a big impact on your mind and body so it’s important to be mindful about your diet and ensure you are eating the right foods. Nutritionist Sally Wisbey has these tips to help keep you feeling calm and relaxed: