5 habits to control email stress

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Long gone are the days when we marvelled at how email had revolutionised our lives. Instead this has given way to a constant flow of large volumes of information and for many this can also be the cause of tech-stress.  Lots of people are struggling under the growing problem of email stress as they feel they can’t cope with an unending tide of messages. Given the advancements in mobile phone technology this barge of emails is something that we now also can’t disconnect from when we leave work. On average it is claimed 62% of workers check their emails when they are on annual leave or outside of the office.

So how can we stop emails from interrupting us constantly throughout the day. What are the habits that we can use to control our email stress.


The 5 habits to control email stress are:


  1. Don’t be enslaved by your email

Email is there to serve you – so this means you can choose whether or not to open your email or to respond. You are in control.

  1. Put your email into perspective

When was the last time you got an email that truly changed your life? The reality is disconnecting from email is not going to radically transform things so do remember that when things get too much.

  1. Choose your time to reduce email stress

Don’t let email be a constant disruptor to the tasks that you are doing by regularly checking on your inbox. Choose a time and for how long you are going to look at your email. Once you have done this close it down.

  1. File/save important things right away

If you feel like you have a lot of emails to work through and don’t know where to start the best course of action is to open one up, deal with it and then save, delete or file it and move on to the next one. This way you are systematically processing your emails.

  1. Stop panicking!

If someone desperately wants to get hold of you, they are not going to send just one email. When it urgent people usually phone and you should adopt the same approach. Just because email is instantaneously, it doesn’t mean you have to respond to it instantaneously.

Remember when it comes to email take control, be brutal and put email in to perspective – don’t let email rob you of your valuable time.

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