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The Stress Management Society is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping individuals and companies recognise and reduce stress. Since our inception in 2003, our dream has been to create a happier, healthier, more resilient and sustainable world.Corporate-Wellbeing-Solutions_Page_10

Stress is a much used (and abused) term these days. You frequently hear people say “I’m stressed” or “I’m depressed”, yet there is still much confusion about what these terms actually mean and how best to tackle them. But we know. We are the UK’s leading authority on stress management issues, which is why you will regularly hear us talking about this topic in the media.

For years, we’ve been empowering individuals to take charge of their wellbeing through our workshops, guides and regular updates. We also act as a trusted advisor for many companies such as British Airways, Standard Life and Shell, guiding them through the mental wellbeing solution maze.

The Stress Management Society was founded by Neil Shah, best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur back in 2003. While today he is a happy, healthy, calm and relaxed individual, this wasn’t always the case.

When his multi-million pound IT Recruitment business was failing in his twenties, Neil found himself on the verge of a breakdown. He was extremely stressed, exhausted, depressed and physically ill. He tried therapy, life coaches, counsellors and healers.Neil

Overwhelmed and under pressure, he realised he needed help to get his wellbeing back.  Problem was, he couldn’t find anything or anyone to give him the specific support he so desperately needed. So, he began his own personal journey to pull together tried and tested, practical, accessible resources for individuals like himself, leading to the birth of The Stress Management Society.

Today, Neil and his committed team are dedicated to leading effective universal change by maximising your resilience, happiness, productivity and success with our passionate approach to reducing stress and promoting wellbeing.

We have helped hundreds of companies tackle stress in the workplace, including well-known names such as Sky TV, Allianz, the Home Office and the NHS. Our services bring commercial, financial and cultural benefits to our clients.

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