• Business Stress Risk Review

A Business Stress Risk Review allows you to identify the causes of stress among your employees. From a Health andCorporate-Wellbeing-Solutions_Page_10
Safety perspective, it allows you to identify what might cause harm to your employees so you can clarify whether you’re
doing enough to protect your employees, or whether you need to take further steps. Health and Safety law does not
expect employers to eliminate all risks; however, employers are required to do what is reasonably practicable to protect
employees. Reasonably practicable means balancing the risk against costs such as trouble, time and money needed to
control stress.

Overview of the Business Stress Risk Review (BSRR):

  • Reduce the cultural and commercial
    costs of stress to your business
  • Decide on specific demographics
    such as management/non-management,
    tenure length or department
  • Internal management Data such as
    absenteeism rates and previous
    employee surveys, to show areas that
    already have challenges
  • Identify the causes of stress among your employees
  • Based on the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Standards and process
  • Quantitative Data, e.g. Surveys
  • Qualitative Data, e.g. Focus Groups
  • Compare your results to the HSE Standards
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Implement short, medium, long-term changes
  • We create and distribute surveys, monitor the process and analyse your data
  • We facilitate Focus Groups (optional)
  • We write a comprehensive Report and make suggestions in an Action Plan