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Are you aware of how your employees’ physiology affects your business?

Physical therapies are becoming increasingly common in the workplace as organisations look to develop and implement a culture of wellbeing. Our physiology often affects our psychology and therefore if employees are tense and experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort, it will affect their concentration, productivity and efficiency when at work. Tension accumulates in the neck, shoulders and back […]

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Taking control of absence

At some point we will all experience sickness absence. Infrequent and genuine absence should not usually be a problem. However the Bradford Factor (a human resource management tool for measuring worker absenteeism) suggests that short frequent and unplanned absences are even more disruptive than longer absences. When, absence becomes part of the corporate culture, or […]

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Men are most at risk for stress; how can we beat it together?

This week is Men’s Health Awareness week and this year the focus is ‘together we can beat stress.’ Now, when we talk about men and health people often assume we’re talking about fitness; however fitness is only one aspect of health. Health includes elements of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Did you know? 10% […]

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How does stress affect our health?

One of the difficulties with stress is that people experience stress in different ways. This contributes to stress manifesting itself differently. So it would be wrong to over generalise when giving advice on how to identify stress in others. However, what we can say is that because stress has negative effects, it will usually manifest […]

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What’s the link between stress and poor health?

Are you aware of the effects poor health can have on your well being? The physical effects of stress on the human body are well documented: when your mind is not functioning optimally or is plagued by negative thoughts and emotions, eventually your body will suffer the consequences.Let’s look at a few key examples of the […]

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