The correlation between Sleep Deprivation and Grumpiness!

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A healthy amount of sleep has been thought to have a far higher impact on wellbeing than a 50% increase in disposable income. According to a survey in The Telegraph, we brits are considered to be the 4th country in the world in terms of the average amount of sleep we are getting each night, yet we are also the 4th grumpiest?!

It is considered sleep deprivation if we are in general getting less than 7 hours of sleep each night yet The Telegraph identified that Wrexham is the only place within the UK that seems to get more than the recommended 7 hours. It might not surprise you to know that sleep deprivation causes the following symptoms:

– Irritability
– Sleepiness makes it harder for us to absorb information
– Hormone imbalance connected to weight gain
– Heart disease
– Slower reaction times
– Immune system becomes weaker which makes you more prone to infections
– Distracted a lot easier
– Memory problems
– Sloppiness in everyday tasks (“one sleepless night contributed to a 20-32% increase in the number of errors made by surgeons”)

This might explain why we are so grumpy – but it does not explain why countries that sleep less than us are lower on the grumpiness scale! A sleepless night also causes lack of patience and an increase likelihood to eat junk food. To increase the chances of getting a good night sleep, try out our basic but vital tips:

1. Do not nap throughout the day

2. Set a routine and stick to it. Much like children – we need a bedtime routine too! Aim to get into bed at roughly the same time everyday and wake up at the same time

3. Try to wind down before bed. Have a relaxing bath, read a book, have some de-caff chamomile tea

4. Try to make the bedroom a tech free zone

5. Write down all your worries and what you need to get done the following day, to reduce your night time anxieties.