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Our final tips for the International Wellbeing Wednesday theme ‘Change your environment, Change your state’, focus on “Decluttering your Environment” be it work or home.

The term wellbeing covers both your physical and mental states, and the environment around you has a major influence on your psychological health. If you walk into a room and it’s messy, cluttered and stresses you out, then we undoubtedly feel the impact.

A recent study in the Journal of Neuorscience found that having multiple stimuli placed in front of you will result in those stimuli competing for your attention, meaning you’ll find yourself distracted.

Decluttering is therefore not simple about throwing bits of paper in the bin or stuffing a box in the corner. It is a journey to self-discovery, a chance to learn how you previously “lived” and what changes you want to make to better your environment. Think carefully about what you REALLY need and want, and what you can recycle or bin.

“A tidy space is a tidy mind.”

Clutter doesn’t have to just be physical, it can also be digital  – like too many files on your computer and too many tabs open on internet explorer. This digital form of clutter can affect your productivity and ability to focus on a task.

The decision to organise and declutter your life is not only empowering, but it can have an enormous positive effect on your wellbeing – leading to more mindfulness, reduced stress and anxiety, better quality of life and better focus. You’ll be able to start curbing the habit of accumulating unnecessary clutter.

How to master de-cluttering:

  • Make a list – jot down all the areas that need to be ‘decluttered’, starting with the easiest or most important.


  • Conduct a weekly/monthly review – whether that is your closet or your computer, make sure you spend time every week/month reviewing what you ‘need’ and get rid of anything that is not necessary.


  • Issue a “clear desk policy” – We have a “clear desk policy’ at The Stress Management Society to make sure that our environment is stress free and enables us to think clearly at all times.


We’ve collated our top tips to “Change your environment, Change your state” into an infographic. Take a look here. 

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