Excelling Under Pressure

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International Stress Awareness Week

Here in the UK, the clocks went back last weekend, the winter nights are drawing in and the weather is getting frosty. That must mean it’s almost time for International Stress Awareness Week (ISAW). The theme for ISAW 2019 (4th to 8th November 2019) is ‘Resilience’. This is a great opportunity to consider how you can increase both your personal resilience, begin to develop a more resilient team and in turn a culture of wellbeing within your organisation.

Excelling Under Pressure

To support you in your journey during ISAW and beyond we have put together our top tips to increasing personal resilience, derived from our flagship ‘Excelling under Pressure: Mastering Personal Resilience’ Workshop

Resilience refers to how well you can cope with and bounce back from the inevitable challenges of life. It is the difference between handling pressure and losing your cool. Resilient people tend to be less impacted by challenging circumstances, maintain a more positive outlook and cope with stress more effectively. Is this nature or nurture? Studies have shown some people are naturally more resilient, however resilience is also a trait that can be developed.

Whether or not you are experiencing a tough time now or you want to better equip yourself to cope with the ever increasing demands of modern life, we trust you will find our five top tips, starting Monday, to ‘Mastering Personal Resilience’ useful.

If you would like to join us at our public ‘Excelling Under Pressure’ event, simply use the ‘Book Here’ button to secure your place. Hope to see you there!

…and finally, some exciting news!

I am very, very happy to share some very exciting news with you…
After almost two years of hard work, changes of direction, blood, sweat and tears our new corporate wellbeing website is finally live!

We have launched a new brand: International Wellbeing Insights, which is the corporate research and consultancy arm of The Stress Management Society and as a valued reader you are one of the first to see it: www.wellbeing.work