• Highbourne Group Mental Health First Aiders

Are you concerned about the health and wellbeing of your colleagues?

Are you interested in offering colleagues support for their mental and emotional wellbeing?

Would you like to develop your personal skills and confidence as a Mental Health First Aider? 

Highbourne Group is looking for enthusiastic and passionate volunteers to be trained and upskilled Mental Health First Aiders.

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Role Description

  • The MHFA role would be similar to that of a physical first aider.
  • MHFA must achieve a mental health first aider qualification
  • MHFA must make and maintain a public profile with a personal description, key hobbies or interests, and contact details for those in need to contact.
  • MHFA must provide a confidential and authentic listening support service to those in need or ensure service users are supported by another MHFA if they are unavailable.
  • When required, MHFA must direct those in need to relevant places of support.
  • MHFA must commit to a quarterly meeting with the wider team, to develop their skills and gain support within the team.
  • MHFA must log anonymous call data to track service utilisation and help find trends of stress within HG/CP
  • MHFA must be provided with, and maintain regular contact with a MHFA buddy to maintain good personal mental wellbeing


This role is primarily about offering peer to peer connection & support, asking the right questions, and actively listening to colleagues in need of support and guidance. We would advise that you will provide a maximum of 8 hours of MHFA support in the form of receiving calls and responding to emails and chats pro rata per month. Time requirements are subject to change due to primary workloads and company demand of wellbeing resources during the year (for example, demand often increases during winter months). This demand must be balanced via delegation within teams to ensure equal workloads.

MHFA must commit to a quarterly meeting with the wider team in which they will develop their skills and delegate workloads to ensure the programme’s success. These commitment requirements will be communicated to line management within HG/CP to ensure company support.

The role will initially be for 12 months with an opportunity to extend at the end of the period. Volunteers must commit to a year of duty as a MHFA within HGCP. Upon early departure MHFA must partially repay the cost of their MHFA course. This price will be defendant on time of commitment (for example those leaving after six months will repay 50% of their course). This is subject to personal circumstance and will not be enforced if someone is mentally, physically, or emotionally unable to continue in this role.

What we offer:

  • In-house Mental Health First Aid training and qualification delivered by International Wellbeing Insights. This which will equip you with the knowledge and skills of how to recognise those in need and signpost them to appropriate support resources.
  • Opportunities to progress training with quarterly skills training.

Who are we seeking?

Individuals with a natural passion and enthusiasm for health and wellbeing and a keen interest in creating a highly desirable and supportive place to work. You must be willing to engage people who may be struggling by being empathetic and supportive, and direct people to places of support if necessary.


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