Japanese Way of Walking

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A common way of reducing stress in Japan consists of walking mindfully through woodland, known as ’Shinrin-Yoku’ and has become a recent craze in England known as ‘Forest Bathing’. Simply just being within the woods is supposedly a form of medicine.

It has been suggested that this type of walking reduces blood pressure, improves moods, concentration, stress levels whilst at the same time improving your immune system. There was even a study in the 1990’s that concluded that this exercise benefited diabetic patients greatly by lowering their blood glucose levels by as much as 40%.

Forest bathing involves developing a friendship with nature. The first step is to; awaken the senses, listen and feel the autumn leaves crunch and rustle as you walk over them, focusing on the texture of the ground, looking at the stunning autumnal colours, smelling the crisp fresh air, hug a tree! Absorb everything surrounding you. Be in the moment. Just walk mindfully and peacefully.



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