• Wellbeing Insights Audit

The Wellbeing Insights Audit (WIA) is a market-leading approach done by our research and consultancy arm International Wellbeing Insights.
The WIA is designed to give you absolute clarity on how poor wellbeing impacts your workforce – both culturally and commercially.
Ideal for diagnosis, measurement and engagement, our WIA will provide you with the data, metrics and evidence to create a robust business case and strategic action plan to ensure top-down and bottom-up buy-in. If you wish to minimise the risks of long-term mental health challenges, health and safety issues, high staff turnover and decreased productivity this is a crucial step. An invaluable opportunity to meaningfully engage your workforce and understand the factors that are affecting wellbeing, performance and health & safety, as well as picking up on trends that allow us to predict any potential future challenges.

Overview of the Wellbeing Insights Audit (WIA):

  • Reduce the cultural and commercial
    costs of stress to your business
  • Decide on specific demographics
    such as management/non-management,
    tenure length or department
  • Internal management Data such as
    absenteeism rates and previous
    employee surveys, to show areas that
    already have challenges
  • Identify the causes of stress among your employees
  • Based on the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Standards and process
  • Quantitative Data, e.g. Surveys
  • Qualitative Data, e.g. Focus Groups
  • Compare your results to the HSE Standards
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Implement short, medium, long-term changes
  • We create and distribute surveys, monitor the process and analyse your data
  • We facilitate Focus Groups (optional)
  • We write a comprehensive Report and make suggestions in an Action Plan

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