Why do wellbeing and stress management strategies fail to work effectively?

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I am often asked what the main barriers to the implementation of workplace wellbeing and stress management strategies are.

What is the reason they fail to work effectively?

In my experience, many companies will gain Senior Management buy in, invest in resources such as an Employee Assistance Programme, Occupational Health and other wellbeing resources, however fail in one of the main keys to success – Line Manager buy in!

Many Managers are great at the technical and functional aspects of their job, in fact they may well have got promoted as a result of those skills.  This doesn’t mean they necessarily have the skills and confidence to manage a team effectively!

In order to successfully create and implement a culture of wellbeing within your organisation, every manager must be a champion and ambassador of that culture.

Managers must be sure of how to promote wellbeing at work and to recognise when stress is having a negative effect.  They need to understand the policies, processes, wellbeing resources and how to provide basic emotional support. Acting as the first line of support to employees, they play a key role in ensuring that organisational objectives are met. Without adequate training, your managers will be ill-equipped to handle the barriers that stress and poor mental health can create.

Now, we appreciate that most organisations do recognise the importance of training their managers and in some cases due to budget restraints, this crucial activity is taken off the wellbeing agenda.

So we’ve come up with a cost-effective solution, to ensure that we can support as many organisations as possible in creating that desired culture of wellbeing. We have taken our leading, ILM (Institute of Learning and Management) endorsed ‘Managers Managing Stress’ workshop and made it available to everyone as a full day public workshop.

In this powerful and engaging one day workshop we will introduce our ‘7 E’s’ framework, which are key to the success of workplace wellbeing. We will explore:

    • How can you more effectively and more regularly engage your people?
    • What are the traits of an engaging manager?
    • How can you be more engaging?
    • How can you engage different personalities in your team i.e introvert vs extrovert?
    • How can you as a manager exemplify the standards that you wish to set? In work/life balance and wellbeing in general?
    • What tools do you need to give your team members to be less reliant on you as a manager and empower them instead?
    • How can you empower your people to minimise micro-management?
    • How can you more effectively and more regularly encourage your people?
    • How can empathising with your staff help you become a better manager?
    • What are ways in which you can show empathy towards your teams?
    • Which values do you wish to embed?
    • How can you embed these in the culture of your team/organisation?
    • How can you evaluate progress in the areas you wish to improve?
    • How do you know you have achieved success?

Have you struggled to find a cost and time effective solution to ensure that your managers get the support they need?

If the answer is yes, contact us on info@ or on 0203 142 8650 for more information.

P.S If you are considering rolling something out in-house, this could be great opportunity to pilot the workshop.

Neil croppedNeil Shah

Chief De-stressing Officer

The Stress Management Society

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