• Podcast Blog: 16th July 2020
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Our Chief De-Stressing Officer, Neil Shah, appeared on the RNT Fitness Podcast with Akash Vaghela this week, talking about the five core pillars of health, from mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual, and why all five are critical.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. That’s a seriously worrying statistic. Mental health in all ages, genders, races and cultures is one of the least spoken about, most taboo subjects. The idea of being vulnerable and accepting the need for help is terribly hard for many of us.

The discussion progresses towards other taboo subjects like current events, psychedelics, and what life is set to be like in the coming years. This is a candid, no-holds-barred conversation.

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On the 27th of July 2020, our friends in UAE, Turnaround will be hosting a 50-minute online wellbeing session where Neil will be speaking about how organisations can best adapt to the ‘Post Normal World’ to enable their people to be best equipped and have the resilience to adjust to the new ‘Normal’.

In light of the current world events, it is important to start thinking about what you are doing to help equip your people to adapt to a ‘Post Normal World’. This new ‘Normal’ way of living and working can be a highly challenging, uneasy and anxious time for many.

What are you doing within your organisation to ensure your people are prepared?

Do you have an effective strategy in place?

Resistance to change creates stress and anxiety and your people are likely to go through the stages of ‘Grief’ as we are adapting to the new ‘Normal’.

Although individuals will experience grief differently, the stages they tend to go through firstly include the overwhelming emotion of denial of what is going on.

This is then followed by anger and bargaining characterised by thinking ‘what if…’ and ‘if only…’.

Following this is depression and the final stage of acceptance.

Ultimately, we want to focus on getting your people to the final stage where the new way of working can actually be better and more productive for us.

Ensuring your organisation has an effective strategy in place and that your people feel prepared for this new way of working and living is imperative for your organization to thrive.

To attend please reply to evan@turnaround.ae , and as normal, a Zoom link will be sent out on Sunday 26th July.

As ever, we are here to support you, your business and your people during this challenge – please feel free to get in touch

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