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We offer a comprehensive range of solutions designed to improve your staff wellbeing. A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce!

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Can your employees cope with their work demands?
Do they often feel under pressure and stressed?


Our Excelling Under Pressure Workshop tells employees what stress is, how it affects their daily
lives, when it is beneficial and when it is harmful. In the workshop, we explore some of the fawed strategies that people commonly use to deal with stress and provide practical exercises and techniques designed to de-stress.Corporate-Wellbeing-Solutions_Page_15

We can help employees to:

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of stress
  • Understand the causes and effects of stress
  • Learn practical techniques and strategies to deal with stress

Are you concerned about the effects of stress on the productivity and wellbeing of your team members?

Managers must be sure of how to promote wellbeing at work and to recognise when stress is having a negative effect. Acting as the rest line of support to employees, they play a key role in ensuring that organisational objectives are met. Without adequate training, your managers will be ill-equipped to handle the barriers that stress and poor mental health can create.

The key topics covered in the workshops are:

  • Identifying the 6 key stressors and how they can be used to reduce the effects of stress in the workplace
  • Improving managers’ skills and confidence in dealing with stress and wellbeing within their teams
  • Discussing the duty of care responsibilities of first line managers
  • Identifying areas of action to create and maintain a mentally healthy workplace

Our Individual Stress Risk Assessment (ISRA) incorporates the Health and Safety Executive’s Management Standards in order to:Corporate-Wellbeing-Solutions_Page_12

  • Understand an individual employee’s perception
    of their stress-related challenges
  • Find ways to support the individual based on the ISRA findings

HR play a vital role in terms of employee’s health and wellbeing, making it imperative that they are aware of how to approach
stressed staff.

Through our training, we can help HR staff to:

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of stress in themselves and others
  • Understand the causes and effects of stress and its impact at the individual, departmental and organisational levels
  • Learn how to help employees when they are showing signs of stress
  • Discuss ways to approach employees if they are unable to work due to stress as well as putting preventative
    measures in place
  • Understand how to create a robust business case for
    wellbeing to gain senior management buy in
  • Understand how to create a strategic wellbeing action

We will work with you from a risk management perspective and identify:Corporate-Wellbeing-Solutions_Page_20

  • How to minimise your exposure to the negative effects of stress
  • How to maximise eficiency through developing a culture
    of wellbeing
  • Create a business case and recognise the potential ROI
    when investing in wellbeing

This is a highly specialised training programme for Directors and business leaders, designed to comply with the Health & Safety Executive’s standards. Participants will learn how stress can have a negative impact on organisations and adversely affect productivity and efficiency.

Although we recommend stress management training as a preventative measure for all staff, sometimes it’s necessary or more effective for an individual to receive one to one coaching.
Our one to one coaching will equip an individual with the bespoke skills and tools needed to cope with their personal stressors and support them in making long term changes to prevent unnecessary stress in the future.Corporate-Wellbeing-Solutions_Page_21

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