• Mental Health Awareness Week Blog

Today is the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week and we’ve got an action packed week ahead for you with lots of incredible content.

We’ve got an interview with Simon Blake who is the Chief Executive of Mental Health First Aid, talking to us about the importance of mental health and what we can do in this ‘post-normal’ world that we find ourselves in.

We’ve got a little bit of fun later in the week. We have a singing lesson with the wonderful Willow, who talked our team through an online virtual singing lesson which was a lot of fun. And even if you just watch it for comedy value, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it. But, you might also pick up some tips and find some ways to be able to creatively express yourself through that as well.

The theme this year for the 2020 Mental Health Awareness Week is kindness. Kindness is really, really important – even more so now in this kind of strange weird unfamiliar world we find ourselves in and kindness has many, many benefits including: increased happiness, a healthier heart, better mood, better sleep. It actually slows down the aging process, believe it or not, so a good way to get rid of those wrinkles!

It will also improve relationships and connections the way that you show up, interact and engage with other people will definitely be impacted by how kind you are both to others and yourself. Some people actually believe that kindness, in particular those with a religious faith, is something that’s a moral obligation.

I don’t want us to look at kindness as an obligation. I want to us to look at it as a source of joy and happiness.

So let’s look at how we can increase our happiness to in turn positively impact our mental health.

Looking forward to sharing with you as the week progresses.

Have a wonderful day.