• Thrive Post Covid-19

Is your organisation doing enough to not only survive, but to prepare to thrive in the ‘Post-NORMAL’ world?

I hope that this message finds you and all the people that are important to you safe and healthy.

What strange and uncertain times we find ourselves in! The world has changed dramatically over the last few months and inevitably it will have had an impact to your organisation and the wellbeing of your people.

A phrase was coined by the US military following the break-up of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, to describe the socio-political landscape of the time, was VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. This acronym, in my opinion, is even more relevant and precise today than it was then.

Your approach to People, Culture and Wellbeing within your organisation, the one that allowed you to thrive when NORMAL was still an accurate description of the world we lived in, will NOT guarantee survival, let alone allow you to thrive, in the post-NORMAL world.

Coronavirus is your official call to action to adapt and evolve. To move from the safety and comfort of the NORMAL we had become accustomed to, and to forge new plans that allow you to transition as easily as possible from NORMAL into this new, strange and unprecedented realm that we find ourselves heading towards. A realm that I am yet to meet anyone that had adequately prepared for and had a clear and concise contingency plan to allow them to navigate the crisis smoothly.

So will COVID19 kill your organisation? Will it set you back? Will you need to reinvent your organisation from the ground up? Or is this going to be your golden ticket to prosperity and success? (if you sell dumbbells you are probably in the process of ordering a yacht and a Ferrari as we speak!)

You need to know ASAP. Some businesses cannot be saved. Others, with attention, strategy and elbow grease, can pivot and prosper. There are many different aspects you need to consider that will determine if you are prepped to thrive, or are facing mortal challenges. In my opinion the key asset, the main resource, of any successful organisation is its people. With this in mind we have developed a tool to help you understand the organisational impact this crisis has had on your workforce. Our tool to be able to obtain your Covid-19 Wellbeing Impact Score is now live:

Click to get your score in just 60 seconds

The traffic light system will allow you to quickly gauge whether you have been minimally impacted by the crisis and just need to maintain course, or have you had a medium impact which means action is required to ensure you are able to navigate this situation. If your score comes up as red, you have had a high impact and need to take urgent action or you may find that this crisis could be fatal to your organisation.

We are on hand to offer you support and guidance to determine the best approach for your organisation. We are happy to be able to offer a free consultation to you should you wish to discuss your results findings and explore how to take appropriate action where required.

As ever we are here to support you, and even though all of our team are now based at home, we are working harder than ever to create a happier, healthier world.