5 ways to prioritise your health

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It can be hard to constantly think about prioritising your health. Life is busy and most people have lots to juggle with work and home life. In order to prioritise your health, consistently and longer term it is critical to make a plan and hold yourself accountable.

Here are five simple steps for accomplishing this:

1. Don’t try to change everything at once

It is completely unrealistic to change everything at one time. Sometimes the more we try to do, the less able we are to make any of these changes, and everything suffers. Pick one thing that is your priority and stick to it. If you are struggling to pick something make a list of everything you want to change. Think about how each item on the list affects the other, and which makes the most sense to start with. Once you have chosen set a tangible and achievable goal you know you can attain and look at this commitment each and every day.

2. Change your environment

Depending on the goal you set this will mean different things. In order to achieve the goal it is highly likely that you will need to change something in your environment to help you achieve this. For example if your goals is weight loss, why not go through your cupboards and remove the unhealthy foods.

3. Small changes add up

It doesn’t always have to be huge changes that you make, small things really do add up. It could be as simple as taking the stairs rather than the lift at work. Parking further away at the supermarket. Drinking more water rather than tea, coffee or fizzy drinks.

4. If you lapse, get right back on the wagon

We are all only human, There will be times when we make poor choices and we do things that we know are not good for our health. Put that out of your mind and get back on track as soon as possible. You don’t need to overcompensate to try to undo the damage that was done. This only makes getting back on track harder.

5. Make time for your new habits

Ensuring you follow through and are committed to make long term change takes time. You are changing behaviours that you have had for years so it will take time and dedication to stay on track. Take time out every morning to note all the positive behaviours you are committing to for the day. Maybe it’s wake up earlier to work out, or make a healthy breakfast or walk a mile during your lunch break.if you do this every day your thoughts will be come your actions, and your actions will become your habits.

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