Allianz Premierline: What Keeps Business Owners Up at Night?

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No matter what stage your business is at, the chances are that it has caused you to experience stress or worry from time to time. Our infographic shows the result of our most recent survey to discover what is keeping business owners up at night.

What’s stressing you out?

We surveyed 259 small business owners, finding that over a third worry about aspects of their business on a daily or weekly basis and 41% are more stressed now that they run their own company.

“There are a broad variety of reasons as to why business owners might feel stress, this could be anything from having excessive or conflicting demands, not enough time, not being supported or it could be the levels of control that you have over aspects of your trade or business.” says Neil Shah, Director of The Stress Management Society and author of The 10-Step Stress Solution.

Cash flow, marketing and business operations are just a handful of worries that are affecting small business owners. Not only are small business owners stressed by certain business activities but they’re also letting other aspects of their lives fall by the wayside in order to run their companies. Our survey revealed that 53% of business owners said that holidays and time off are affected due to business worries.

“If you don’t have holidays or time away from running a business, eventually you will get to the point where you are burnt out. You should build in regular downtime to your business programme.” continues Neil.

Around 45% of business owners surveyed were concerned about lack of time for hobbies and socialising with friends, which come as no surprise when over half of small business owners in the UK work more than 48 hours per week.



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