Assess your hydration levels

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Water is the most important nutrient for our bodies after oxygen. Water is vital for the proper processes in our body to function properly and our skin looks better when it is properly hydrated. Proper hydration levels vary from person to person and on activity levels – whether that amount is 6 cups per day, 8 cups or even 4 litres.

So how do we know whether we are drinking enough?

  • Do you like water?
  • Do you drink more than eight cups of water a day?
  • Do you drink less than three cups of coffee a day?
  • Do you always feel hydrated?
  • Do you drink less than 1 unit of alcohol per day?
  • Is your urine a very pale or clear colour?

If you answered no to all or most of these questions, you need some help improving your hydration levels. For more tips on staying hydrated click here.