Assess your mindset

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Being in control of your thoughts increases your ability to find solutions to challenging situations and to deal more effectively with stress. Master your mind and you will never wonder how to deal with stress again.

We have put together a helpful checklist for you to assess your mindset. Simply answer the questions below to get a picture of your wellbeing.

Assess your mindset

  • Do you often find yourself worrying about all that could go wrong?
  • Do you consider yourself a glass-half-empty kind of person?
  • Do little things often cause exaggerated emotional reactions?
  • When stressed do you feel confused?
  • Do you find constant mind chatter distracts you?
  • Have you ever become forgetful or suffered from a mental block when stressed?
  • Do you control your mind or does it control you?

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, you could do with some help resetting your mindset.

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