Being Thankful

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Thanking someone is a very powerful form of appreciation. Sometimes, we just really need to hear ‘thank you’ and sometimes we don’t even realise that’s what we are desperate to hear. Being thanked often motivates us, as we know what we are spending our time and effort doing is paying off.

How often do you thank others?

Did you know saying ‘Thank you’ more; 

1.Strengthens relationships: other than showing others that you have good manners, being appreciative of what others do for you, allows the other person to understand that you have good intentions, thus, are more likely to then seek an ongoing relationship, this has been proven by a study published in 2014.

2.Being thankful and grateful strengthens your physical health: it has been found that people who are thankful exercise more often, go to their yearly check-ups and experience less aches and pains.

3.Your psychological health improves: Robert A. Eammons, a researcher, has confirmed that gratitude increases happiness and reduces depression.A 2006 study published in Behavior Research and Therapy found that Vietnam War Veterans with higher levels of gratitude experienced lower rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

4.You will become more empathetic and less aggressive: A study conducted by the University of Kentucky, concluded that people who were high on their gratitude scale, were more sensitive and empathetic towards others and were less likely to retaliate, even when they received negative feedback.

5.Improve sleep habits: As discussed in many of our other blog posts, writing before you sleep in a journal or on your phone, what your favourite part of the day was, what made you happy etc., has been proven to increase your positivity and help you to sleep easier.

6.Self-esteem increases: Being thankful reduces social comparisons. You feel less jealous and resentful towards others who have ‘more than’ you.