What to do if the conversation you are engaging in becomes stressful

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We have all been in this situation. You are trying to resolve some issues and the conversation is getting really stressful. If you tend to avoid stressful situations, then this is a sure way to bring the conversation to an abrupt end, but then the issues haven’t actually been resolved. Alternatively for some this would aggravate the situation and the stressful conversation will  keep on escalating.  Whichever way you react, one thing is for sure – this is not a healthy way to resolve any issues and someone in the argument needs to be bigger person if the conversation is to reach any resolution or compromise.

Often, conversations become stressful when you are discussing important topics, so  if you start to feel stressed during a conversation, here’s some tips to remember;

-Try to keep eye contact: If you start to loose eye contact, it can often make the other person feel anxious, angry or nervous whilst talking to you, so keep your gaze relaxed and still to ensure they know you are paying attention.

-Mirror the other persons movements and expressions: mirroring someone creates a social bond in the other persons brain and lead to rapport, lowering any rising conflict.

-Distance: ensure you are not too close or too far away. Far away could seem careless and too close can seem aggressive.

-Do not get defensive or start blaming the other person of something.  Keep cool, calm and collected and keep your tone sincere.

-Take a deep breath and think before you speak. Do not say something you will regret, such as making promises you will not be able to keep, stick to fact.

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