Day Twenty

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Hey Pausers,

Today Neil Shah is here to talk to you about the 5 building blocks of wellbeing.

  • Physical Wellness – Are you looking after your physical wellness? Are you exercising, resting, eating well, drinking enough water, etc? Is there anything that you could be doing to improve your physical wellbeing?
  • Mental Wellness – What is going on in your mind? What are you doing to ensure that you are able to maintain mental clarity?
  • Social Wellness – How do you feel with those around you? Do you surround yourself with positive people? Do these people add value to your life? Do they challenge you and encourage open thinking?
  • Emotional Wellness – How are you feeling emotionally? Do you feel emotionally supported? Do you feel comfortable exploring emotional vulnerability and asking for help if you need it?
  • Spiritual Wellness – Are you buying it and subscribing to something beyond yourself? Have you got something to invest your energy into?

Take a moment to go through these 5 areas and define what success looks like for you. Give yourself short term and long term goals for each topic. This will help you to collect your thoughts, give you direction and aid your progression.