How to: Develop a positive attitude

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It can sometimes be incredibly difficult to stay positive in difficult situations, and often a negative hour can turn into a ruined day, which can easily turn in to a bad week. Here are some tips to help you snap out of a negative mindset as soon as possible so that you are not feeling like a constant whirl of negativity. Prolonged periods of negativity are not healthy and can often cause you to become resentful towards others.

1) Write down or take a picture, of your favourite part of your day, every day. Being able to visually focus on the best parts of your day, week and month will enable you to have a different outlook on the negative things. The positives most likely outweigh your negatives; you may just be oblivious to them, as you are most likely absorbed by the negatives.

2) Be vocal about moments of your day that you enjoy to your friends and family, even if you are feeling grumpy and annoyed.

3) Focus on colour – colour has been linked to feelings. Did you know that green can make you feel more positive? Try to focus on all things green for a day. Become more mindful of your surroundings. Your positivity will heighten and you will be able to take your mind off of your stressors.

4) Listen to music you love – this will always cheer you up!

5) Good karma – wish a stranger well, whether you simply just think about it in your own head or choose to tell them, thinking positive things about others, being kind and thoughtful, will instantly make you feel more positive.

6) When something that upsets or angers you happens, think, ‘will this affect me in 5 years? Will I remember this in 5 years? Or will I still care about this in 5 years?’ if the answer is no to any of these questions, although you have the right to feel how you feel, try to let it go as soon as possible because it really is not worth your time.