Do I need to prioritise my health?

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Do you ever wonder whether you need to prioritise your health? Many people aren’t tuned in to their body and aren’t aware until it is too late of the effects that stress is having on them.

We have put together a helpful checklist for you to assess your state of health. Simply answer the questions below to get a picture of your wellbeing.

Assess your health

  • Do you find you are prone to illness during or after periods of stress?
  • Does it take longer than normal for you to recover from illness?
  • If a cold or flu is going around are you the first one to catch it?
  • Do you have a serious long-term health condition?
  • Are you a smoker or do you live with one?
  • Have you recently gained weight or lost weight for no apparent reason?


If you answered yes to most or all of those questions, then you need some help with practical suggestions on improving your health and wellbeing!

For more tips on how to prioritise your health click here.


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