What are the benefits of engaging in exercise after a stressful day?

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Have you ever engaged in exercise or sport after a stressful day?

If yes, how do you feel when you are finished?

When your body goes into a state of stress, it is expecting some kind of physical activity. It is anticipating having to run away or battle whatever has caused the stress hence going into the fight-or-flight state. One way to take control of stress therefore is to give your body what it was anticipating – physical activity.

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Exercise and Stress Relief

Human beings were designed to be active and move, not to be sat statically on chairs for long periods of time; exercise is an essential part of good body function.

An extra bit of good news is that exercise is also your shortest route to a feeling of well-being, relaxation and a physical glow.

Not only does it keep the heart healthy and get oxygen into the system, being active can burn off the stress hormones, boost your feel good endorphins and take your mind off your daily worries.

Exercise has a positive effect on the body

It increases blood flow to the body and the brain and stimulates the nervous system in many positive ways.

Most notably, exercise produces beta-endorphins, which induce a natural ‘high’ and will also improve your mood.

Regular exercise can increase self-confidence and lower the symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety, and it can also improve your sleep, which is often disrupted by stress, depression and anxiety.

All this can ease your stress levels and give you a sense of command over your body and life.






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Neil Shah, Chief De-stressing Officer, The Stress Management Society


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