Why say no?

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Do you feel like you are trying to take on too much? Are you trying to cram too many activities in to too little time? Do you feel like you are constantly rushing from one thing to another? If you have answered yes to all or most of these questions then you may need some help improving your assertiveness and saying ‘no’ when it is appropriate to prevent your bridge from becoming overburdened,

So why should we say no?

Lowering your levels for stress can be as simple as and straightforward as just saying no. Consider the following reasons for saying no:

  1. Say Yes is not always the healthiest answer

    When you are under too much stress, you are more likely to feel run down and even get ill so saying yes is more likely to put too much load on your bridge.

  1. Saying no doesn’t mean you are selfish

    When you say no to something you are not being selfish. You are honouring your existing commitments and this means that you can devote more time to them and do them properly.

  1. Saying no means you can pursue new things

    Ever wanted to pursue new activities but not had the time? Saying no to some things will free up some of your time to enable you to pursue new interests.

  2. Saying no allows other people to step up

    If you say yes to everything it prevents other people from taking responsibility and can lead to them not stepping up. By saying no you are opening the door for others to benefit from taking he task on.

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