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I personally have a hard time saying no to people. It is so much harder to say no than yes and I can feel like I am letting people down if I don’t say yes. Inevitably though by taking more things on, the only person I am harming is myself, as it usually leads to stress and feeling like I am rushing around all the time.

Where no is the appropriate response, it is important to learn to say it without guilt. Yes is not always the healthiest answer. When you are over-committed and under too much stress, you are more likely to feel run down and even get ill so.


So how can we learn to say no?

Here are some things to keep in mind when you need to say no:

  1. Say no with confidence

No is a powerful word. Use it confidently and without fear. Steer clear of phrases like ‘I am not sure’ as this could be interrupted as ‘I might say yes later’.

  1. Say no with brevity

Be clear why you are saying no, but don’t get involved in elaborate justifications.

  1. Say no honestly

Also don’t make up excuses to get out of a commitment. Honesty is the best policy.

  1. Say no respectfully

You may be presented with important or good causes that you have to turn down. Acknowledging and complimenting the efforts and informing them that you can commit at this time shows that you respect their endeavours.

  1. Say no repeatedly

Occasionally you may find you have repeat your response several times for it to be accepted. If this happens reply calming and firmly.


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