Is having an office based job ruining your wellbeing?

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We recently read some statistics which stated that a high percentage of us sit at our desks for more than 6 hours a day at work. As much as we do not really think about how long we are sat for, sitting for too long encourages bad wellbeing in many ways. Sitting for extended periods of time, doubles the heart attack risk, for example, as when we site sit, our heart rate lowers, which often leads us to eat more unhealthy foods as we crave sugar for an energy rush.

It also causes a build-up of fat on our hearts “Muscles burn less fat because you’re less active. Because you have an increase in circulation of fatty acids and cholesterol to the heart, this increases your risk of a heart attack”’

Studies have proven that sitting for 6 hours a day also has a correlation with being less sensitive towards insulin. Being resistant to insulin is closely linked to type 2 diabetes, which is triggered by sedentary behaviour and obesity.

Moreover, we are likely to gain more fat around our stomach and love handle area. This is due to us not moving these muscles enough. When we do not allow our muscles to move, we are not able to process enough glucose.

And if that wasn’t enough, working on a computer all day, increases the risk of developing vision loss by 40% and has an impact on our mental health.

Here are some tips to help your wellbeing in the office: 

-Try to walk around regularly; even standing for a minute of two every hour can help.

-Sit on an exercise ball, this should engage your core

-Take vision breaks, every 30 minutes look away from the computer screen and relax your eyes for 30 seconds.

-To help eye strain and dryness, try over-the-counter eye drops

-Ensure you regularly get your eyes checked. It is recommended that they are checked every two years.

-Food is vital for our health and well-being – it is our energy source and provides our bodies with the nutrients it needs to grow fight disease and repair. Aim to snack on healthier options, for example fruit instead of chocolate.

-Drink more water. This not only will benefit your health in general, but will also mean that you will need to go to the bathroom more regularly, encouraging more walking.

-Try to do subtle desk exercises, such as isometrics. (Please see our previous blog post for this)