Do you struggle with holiday preparation?

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How many of you find yourself frantically packing hours before departure?

How many of you find that extremely stressful?

According to a recent study, people are actually more stressed April to September, where we are immersed in busy weekend plans, family and friends coming over and holidays. But aren’t holidays supposed to be relaxing?

Unfortunately, poorly planned holidays often take away the positive benefit of your time away. In order to feel completely present during a holiday, you must be well prepared beforehand. Here are some destressing tips to master your holiday preparation:

Plenty of notice Check your colleague’s calendars and go speak to your manager directly in advance to alert them about your time off. Do not rely on emails, it may get lost. It is up to you to notify them and avoid any implications whilst you’re away and when you come back to work.

Checklist Not only do you need a packing checklist, but also a ‘to do’ list. This should include everything from booking a taxi to the airport or parking permit at the airport, exchanging money and checking-in online etc.

Switch off You may be compelled to check in with work before you leave but you must refrain. Decide how ‘reachable’ you want to be. Here’s a few ways to consider how: exit/mute group chats, announce you will not have Wi-Fi, and if you must, only check in from time to time.

Get a good night’s sleep The night before your flight, make sure you get a good night’s sleep. If you follow the tips above, you shouldn’t be packing last-minute. So, spend this time doing something relaxing such as a having a bath, reading a book in bed, or meditating.

Overweight luggage Avoid excess baggage fees at check-in. Purchase a portable digital luggage scale to weigh your luggage at home so you avoid having to throw stuff away at the airport.


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