Top tips for communicating with people who are stressed!

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Knowing how to deal with someone who has confided in you that they are stress can be a delicate balance to master. Often this conversation can be out of the blue, which may leave you feeling helpless and not knowing how to approach or respond to the conversation. So what are the best things that you can do if someone talks to you about being stressed?

Here are some top tips to remember for those sometimes tricky conversations;

-As prolonged stressed can affect someone’s memory, when talking to them, remember that they cannot absorb a lot of information. So keep your advice specific, short and sweet. When giving advice, ensure that up are not telling the person how to think or feel. Remember, trust is built on; listening, empathy, caring and compassion in highly stressed individuals.

-Reassure them that everything will be ok although it may not seem like it at that moment in time.

-Check up with them regularly to see how they are. Talking about your stress is the only way to heal for many people, so be a listening ear whenever you can.

-Do not get distracted whilst talking to someone about their stress. If can make the person who has most likely had to build up a lot of courage to communicate their stress with you, feel irrelevant, abandoned and insecure. Give the person all of your attention, visually,  so that they know that you are listening. Eye contact is vital as this signals the other person that you acknowledge their problems and respect them, Ask questions, this will also enforce that you are paying attention.

-Be open to exploring new ideas and new perspectives with the individual.

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