What’s the link between stress and poor health?

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Are you aware of the effects poor health can have on your well being?

The physical effects of stress on the human body are well documented: when your mind is not functioning optimally or is plagued by negative thoughts and emotions, eventually your body will suffer the consequences.PhysicalLet’s look at a few key examples of the links between stress and poor health.

Stress affects your cardiovascular system by increasing your heart rate and speeding up blood flow. Eventually the physiological impact of stress will have detrimental effect on your cardiovascular system:

Stress has an impact on our behaviour. People who are under chronic stress are far more likely to take up smoking, drink alcohol and abuse drugs (pharmaceutical and recreational substances), or they may suffer from eating disorders. All these behaviours contribute to the development of heart disease.

Stress and digestion

When severely stressed your body restricts blood supply to the stomach, preventing your digestive system from functioning normally. It is also important to note that the whole of the intestine is in part controlled by the nervous system, which responds to external as well as internal stimuli – including stress. Long term stress can lead to digestive disorders such as IBS or ulcers, and if you have pre-existing conditions, stress can make the symptom worse.

It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of your mind, body and spirit.

It is also important to know how to protect your mind and body from stress and the damage it causes. Stress is a leading cause of poor health and it is up to you to reduce an, where possible, remove any stressors in your life.





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Neil Shah,  Chief De-stressing Officer, The Stress Management Society


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