Yoga for Stress

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Yoga has a proven calming affect; it lowers blood pressure as well as relieves anything from chronic back pain to anxiety and depression. Because of this, many people use yoga as a natural, free remedy for Stress. It also has the added benefit that it can be carried out anywhere and everywhere!

If you are a beginner, try out the following yoga poses to decrease your stress levels:

1) Childs pose this resting posture quiets the mind, thus easing stress. It also heightens the nervous and lymphatic system.

Here is how you can do this pose:

– Kneel with your legs together, with your bum leaning on your heels.

– Lean forward with your forehead touching the yoga mat and your chest on your thighs

– Curl your shoulders forward and let your hands rest wherever they feel most comfortable but it’s most beneficial to let them rest palms up next to your feet.

– Hold for 5 minutes


2) Standing forward bend this yoga pose gives your hamstrings, thighs and hips a good stretch. It has also been thought to help to decrease stress levels, fatigue and mild depression.

Here is how you can do this pose:

–          Stand tall, slowly exhale and bend forward, bending your knees enough so that your palms lay flat on the floor with your head pressed against your legs

–          Then straighten your legs to deepen the stretch

–          Hold this for 6 breaths


3) Corpse pose this yoga pose enforces us to relax by putting our bodies at ease. It is also said to trigger a state of deep rest and relaxation, slowing breathing, lowering blood pressure and quietening the nervous system.

Here is how you can do this pose:

– Lie flat on your back with your legs together but not touching, with your arms at your side and your palms up

– Close your eyes and breathe deeply, scanning your body and really try to pay attention to what your body is telling you, from head to toe

– Hold his pose for 4 minutes



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