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Do you want to begin your journey to success?


Do you want to rid yourself of bad habits and adopt new healthy ones?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, NLP will help you do just that. If you aren’t familiar with NLP, we’ve written an Amazon best seller on the subject called Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP): Your Roadmap to Happiness, Confidence and Success.



The success of the book also prompted us to create a workshop which puts all of the wonderful techniques described in the book into action. Click below for more information on the workshop!


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A module we use in all our training is the performance zone. This represents the zone people should be in to drive optimal performance, whether applied to sports, work or even driving.


When our stress levels move above of the performance zone and edge towards burnout, we will struggle with problem solving, lateral thinking and creative thinking. This will affect decision making, which can cause unwanted behaviours and the adoption of bad habits.

Below the performance zone we may find ourselves unable to motivate ourselves, energy and enthusiasm will be low and we will be bored, sluggish and lethargic. Being in this state is just as bad as burnout and can be a hindrance to drive and the achievement of goals and objectives.

NLP can help identify your goals and provide you with techniques that will help you to operate in the Performance Zone the majority of the time.

With the use of NLP you can eliminate or modify your existing behaviours, if you are not satisfied with them; or internalize new, more beneficial ones to allow you to work at your optimum level.

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“What an amazing day! So informative and thought-provoking. Thank you all very much – I have come away with new ways to make my working life less stressful and more manageable.”

“Neil Shah was an inspiration”


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