How to make the most of your weekend

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After a hard week at work the last thing on most of our minds is being productive at the weekend; but maybe the problem is that we’re confusing being busy with being productive. Making the most of your time at the weekend doesn’t mean that you have to be constantly busy and partaking in activities. Sometimes it means breaking down your time and making sure you’ve done things that will improve the quality of the week to come. Our 6 tips will help you to make sure you’ve been productive as well as enjoying your hard-earned time off.

Get AdventurousWhy not plan something out of your norm? Doing something you haven’t done before, or maybe haven’t done in a long time, can be a great way to boost your mood as you’re anticipating something exciting happening – why not plan a hike in a new area? Or visit a nearby landmark or museum? Any new experience is a good one!

Make the most of your morningsWeekend mornings are more often than not wasted by our obsession with having a lay in! Which is all well and good, but what if you got up semi early and maximised your time? Use the mornings as ‘me time’ before your weekend chores kick in by spending some time on personal pursuits – maybe read or go for a jog, start your day well!

Create traditionsCreating traditions with your family is very important and can be a great way to make your weekend more meaningful. Whether it is a pizza and movie night, or a Saturday morning walk the habits you create with your family not only boost happiness but can also bring the family together and make great memories you can share together.

Don’t get caught up with Sunday night blues – Everyone tends to get a little down on a Sunday evening at the prospect of going back to work, so why not plan something new and different for your Sunday evening to keep those Sunday night blues at bay – such as a nice meal with your extended family or booking a massage or evening gym class!

Use skills you don’t use during the weekIt’s really important that your weekends feel different from your weekdays in order to boost morale and avoid falling into the rut of a repetitive life. So it’s important to do new things, use different parts of your body and mind to allow yourself to separate from the stresses of your typical week and enjoy new experiences at the weekend.

Catch up on sleepAlthough it’s good to get up and get going at the weekend, if needed it’s important to catch up on sleep. Yes, sleep debt is a real thing! If you have missed sleep during the week there is nothing wrong with adding a few hours into your sleep schedule over the weekend – as a matter of fact it is actually good to; as sleep debt can raise risks such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity!

So this weekend why not try that new activity you’ve been putting off? Alternatively ring up the extended family and plan a meal to keep those Sunday evening blues away! Otherwise maybe you desperately need those extra hours in bed to catch up on some much needed sleep. Whichever way you choose, make sure you’re making the most and enjoying your well-deserved time off.


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