6 Stress busting exercises to help increase your wellbeing

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When you’re feeling particularly stressed, the last thing you probably want to do is exercise, but it’s one of the best remedies for tackling your stress! Taking part in physical activity helps to increase the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, endorphins which contribute to relieving your stress levels. As well as busting stress, exercising adds to increasing your overall sense of wellbeing and has multiple health benefits.

Here are 6 exercises that are proven to support stress relief and increased wellbeing:


By combining a series of slow movements and held poses with concentrated deep breathing, Yoga is a mind-body exercise known for strengthening the body’s relaxation response and assists in finding your central balance both mentally and physically.


Named after its creator Joseph Pilates, Pilates consists of a series of controlled movements devised to strengthen tone and also increase endurance and flexibility. It is an anaerobic exercise rather than aerobic, meaning short duration high intensity activities: great for relieving stress.

Tai Chi

With its roots in martial arts and sharing qualities with Yoga, Tai Chi is known for calming the mind as well as conditioning the body with its flowing, slow-paced body movements. Hand in hand with focused breathing techniques, once learnt this exercise can be practiced anywhere – great for everyday stress busting.


Kickboxing’s controlled punching and kicking movements is a fantastic way to work out anger and frustration whilst improving your coordination, flexibility and balance. As a disciplined but also vigorous workout, Kickboxing provides a great release of energy and endorphins.

Martial Arts

Many activities come under the broad umbrella of martial arts including karate, tae kwon do and judo. Whilst actively helping you release tension and energy these exercises contribute to your understanding of self-discipline and self-defence techniques both in a mental and physical way.

Team Sports

Why not organise a game of football or a tennis match with your friends or family? Not only are you socialising AND exercising, you’re gaining a double dose of endorphin release from participating as part of a team. Adding a sense of competition is also great from motivating and pushing yourself a little harder!


So next time the pressure is getting to you and your stress levels are rising, take some time out of your schedule to do some stress busting exercises. Get those muscles moving, those heart rates racing and those endorphins flowing and just feel the tension start to melt away!


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