Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

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This year the focus is on creating a less stressful workplace. The aim is to help employees and employers create a mentally healthy workplace, where everyone feels valued and supported. For tips surrounding communicating Stress, click the links below;

We have a number of resources that you can use to ascertain your own stress levels and tips on how you can de-stress.

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10-Step Stress Solution Bootcamp 2018

Neil Shah, author of the 10-step stress solution and founder of the Stress Management Society brings you this powerful one-day workshop. You will leave this course understanding the 10 steps needed to equip you with unique life enhancing tools. They are tried and test techniques accumulated by Neil over the last 15 years through working with thousands of people and companies from all over the world to help him understand the keys to living a happy, healthy life, free from detrimental effects of stress.

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