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It is International Wellbeing Wednesday on 1st February and this year the theme is all about “change your environment, change your state”.


So what better way to kick off the week than by showing you our “Ultimate Wellbeing Environment” at The Stress Management Society Headquarters! We are based in “The Lighthouse”, a light and bright space, but it wasn’t always that way. We have worked hard to build an environment that promotes wellbeing within our office, and here are some of the ways we have achieved it:

Utilising Our Open-Office  

Let’s begin with our open-office, designed to promote cooperation and communication. The open plan space helps foster creativity by allowing ideas and encouragement to flow freely.

Let There Be Light

It’s not just the view we love but the amount of exposure to natural light! Do you ever wonder why people are in a much better mood during the summer as opposed to the winter? Lighting is your answer. Receiving adequate amounts of natural lighting will help uplift your mood, impacting your creativity and productivity whether you are at home or at work.

Paint the Town Purple

Well choosen hues in your environment can have a positive effect on a person’s health and wellbeing. At The Lighthouse we opted for a splash of purple. The colour purple purple represents imagination and intuition, which helps get our creative juices flowing to develop new ways to help people. The colour purple is also known for having a positive effect on stress and anxiety. Take into consideration how you want your environment to speak to you – whether you would want it bright and cheerful or cool and calm etc.

Keep checking the blog this week as we will be offering a different tip every day on how you can change your environment to change your state!

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