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We provide a workshop for anyone interested in being freed from the stress trap. It is especially aimed at people working in a high-pressure environment. However its techniques can benefit people from any level, background or industry.

It includes training in ‘desk yoga’ and ‘desk massage’, which can be done discreetly, even in an open plan office. Such techniques relax stressed muscles and rebalance body and mind. They also focus on proper breathing, an essential tool in de-stressing.

Lastly the workshop includes training on how to relax and become more centred through creative visualisation. Even a few minutes in this state of deep relaxation is equivalent to several hours sleep. Delegates are taught to achieve a state of self-hypnosis to take advantage of these benefits. Once learned, they can be applied in any type of work environment, or even on the bus going to work!

Want to 'Feel Karma'? Come to a workshop

The Stress Management Society runs a series of 'Feel Karma' workshops to help tackle their stress in natural ways.

There are three areas covered:

  • Stress management
  • Self hypnosis
  • Good health and nutrition

The workshops have already helped thousands of people - from company directors to teachers. We run our workshops at various locations around London. But we work all over mainland UK too. So if your company, community organisation, school, charity or group of friends would like to book a workshop, we'll be happy to bring it to you instead.


Survive the stress of caring for kids!- TBC


Driven crazy by your kids (or by someone else’s, come to that)? Whether you’re a parent or a childcare professional,
you’ll know the stress of looking after little ones. You’re tense, tired and seldom have time to relax. The Stress Management Society is launching a new workshop in West London just for you, covering:

  • How to find time for you.
  • How to keep physically strong, despite any mayhem around you.
  • The breathing technique that makes it impossible to be unhappy.
  • The 10-minute relaxation method that equals three hours’ sleep.
  • ‘Sofa yoga’ and ‘sofa massage’ to do at home whenever you like.

£25 per person or book with a friend for £40 and receive a free stress squeezer each. For more information or to raise your interest in the workshop so we can notify you when a date has been set, please email


Stress Management and Wellbeing workshop


Feeling stressed? Need some expert help to tackle the tension in your life? Stress is a potential killer, implicated in medical conditions from high blood pressure and infertility to heart disease. But you can learn simple but effective tools that will help you get the better of stress, before it gets the better of you.

On the stress management workshop, you will learn from Stress Management Society experts:

  • 'Desk yoga' and 'desk massage', which relax stressed muscles, rebalance body and mind and helps with your breathing. They can be done discreetly at work, even in an open plan office.
  • Creative visualisation and self-hypnosis help with quickly achieving a deeply relaxed state and help 'retrain' your mind to achieve great things.
  • Advice on good health and nutrition to create the right foundation to build your new stress-reduced life.

You'll learn some very natural ways to deal with unnatural levels of stress, including:

  • the breathing technique that makes it impossible to be unhappy
  • the 10-minute relaxation method that equals three hours’ sleep
  • why you should always keep a spare sock in your desk drawer in case of stress 'emergencies'!

For more information or to raise your interest in the workshop so we can notify you when a date has been set, please email If you would like to bring this workshop to your organisation, please email or alternatively, call us on 0844 357 8629.


Feel Karma - self hypnosis workshop - TBC


Learn a practical tool to get more out of life. Self hypnosis unlocks the power of the subconscious mind, helps healing and boosts creativity. And it's a powerful way to relax. Just ten minutes of self hypnosis and creative visualisation
equates to several hours' sleep.

The subconscious mind is a powerful thing. It influences everything from your expectations of life to how you react to events in your day. It's also an amazingly effective way to achieve a natural state of relaxation.

In self hypnosis, you are in control of your relaxed state, so that you can benefit from it in the way you want to. We'll particularly focus on improving your confidence, communication skills, performance anxiety, focus, clear thinking and stress management on this one-day course, or our evening preview event.

The workshop is particularly relevant for professional facilitators such as therapists, consultants, teacher trainers, doctors, sales people, managers, advertisers and company directors.

For more information or to raise your interest in the workshop so we can notify you when a date has been set, please email 


Walk Innovation Walkshop - TBC


Are you really loving your life?

If you knew that you only had one month left to live, how would your priorities change?

Come to our Walk Innovation Walkshop and we will help you to:

  • Focus on what is working in your life – rather than what isn't
  • Walk your talk – rather than sitting down and pondering things
  • Meet inspiring, positive and happy people – who will pass on their gifts to you
  • Have fun

Our Walkshop is literally a walking workshop. The process of walking energises your learning experience. Our Walkshop is an experience of living in the moment. We all enter as friends and our goal is to empower and help each other.

For more information, email or call 0844 357 8629.


Freedom from nicotine addiction - it's your choice!


Are you a smoker ? Struggling with the new smoking laws ? Want to quit ? Then we would like to offer you a training seminar to help you be free of nicotine addiction. 'Smoke free and stress free' is a training seminar delivered by Neil Shah and Emma Dicks from the Stress Management Society in partnership with Harrow in Business.

Think it's difficult to stop smoking? We have a technique that has had excellent results for others who thought the same. We use hypnotherapy and creative visualisation to give you the tools to kick the habit for good.


Feel Karma - healthy living workshop


Did you know that your head is 8% of your body weight. If you sit with it out of alignment, you stress your body and damage your neck. And did you know that you would have to eat 40 heads of lettuce to get the same nutritional content
of a single head of lettuce from 30 years ago. (Or you could just eat one organic lettuce).

Learn what you can do in your life to create a healthier you on our healthy living workshop.

The day includes the foundation principles of health, a demonstration of how to prepare healthy food, a session on postural assessment to help you understand and correct muscle and bone problems, self hypnosis to help you achieve your goals of losing weight and getting fit, and an explanation of what exercises are good for different problems.

Led by experts in personal nutrition and fitness, this is a highly uplifting and enjoyable day. The workshop team
consists of Neil Shah, Aegon Welsh and Theresa Webb.




We also offer concessions to the police, fire service, ambulance service; doctors, nurses, those in the medical industry; teachers, social workers, charity and voluntary workers; those under 16 and over 60; and anyone with disabilities or terminal illnesses and their carers.

If you would like to be considered for a concessionary rate for a reason not listed here, we're happy to discuss it!


For information onany of our Feel Karma workshops, just call 0844 357 8629 or email